Cupcake Heaven

My new favorite cupcake shop unveiled a new yummy cupcake yesterday … here is the Facebook update from yesterday:

Gigi’s Cupcakes of Littleton, CO said, “Today we will be premiering the CINNAMON ROLL CUPCAKE! It is a moist white cake swirled with sugar and cinnamon, frosted with a cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar!” 
And my good friend wasted no time picking some up for our girl’s night dessert last night. And she brought others too. Oh so yummy and delicious. I just had to share …

We had the Cinnamon Roll, the Snowball, Wedding, and German Chocolate. They were amazing and I may have officially been spoiled forever!


Here is a link to GiGi’s on Facebook. They are in Aspen Grove in Littleton. If you are local, I highly recommend these delightful cupcakes. And I hear they even have gluten-free!

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Top 5 things I like to do when it is cold

CO snow + CO sunshine = winter wonderland

Today it is 4 degrees F outside, so I’ll share my favorite things to do when It’s cold outside:

  1. Sip and hold a steaming hot mug filled with hot tea (current fav orange blueberry w/honey) or hot chocolate (mint flavored – mmmmm . . .).
  2. Curl up next to the window on the loveseat (if it is currently snowing — even better) with a new book.  Could park there for hours.
  3. Write.
  4. Fold hot-out-of-the-dryer laundry.
  5. Dishes . . . w/the hottest water I can stand.  Ahhhhh . . .

Funny, a couple of those I would have never considered a few decades ago. 

What do you like to do when it is cold outside?  I’d LOVE to hear from people in Alaska!  🙂

My 100 Day Transformation

Day 21

At the first of the year, I set out to make some lasting changes. My plan was to write about the journey from the start, but the first step bumped the journal part of the process down on the priority list. That’s because my first step was to list the things I want to add into my life as good habits, and then put them in order of importance.

Well, now that I’m 21 days in, I’m happy to get a chance to get some things down. I have been focusing on adding positive things and one area is fitness. So I set out to workout more regularly. Since squeezing the workouts in later in the day hadn’t been working since we started back to a school schedule in the fall, I decided it was time to see if I could make morning work outs work for me. Now I’m so excited! I went from years of dreading the idea of ever possibly needing to wake earlier to just to work out to looking forward to my morning workouts! Can you believe that? All theseyears of thinking I would hate it, and within 3 weeks I’m loving it. For the last 3 weeks I have woken up at least 30 minutes earlier 6 out of 7 days a week. And the 3 days off we on purpose so I have those muscle recovery days. I’ve lost 5 lbs in the process – even though I know I’ve gained back muscle.

More soon. Ahhhh, sweet transformation!


Are your kids in the right car seat?

Having 5 children over the last 10 years, we have at times been unsure about the most current car seat restraint laws for our kiddos.  So every so often I like to look up the laws again and make sure we are abiding. 

Here is the website I used most recently to find the appropriate laws for our state:

With this website, you can go to the specific laws for your state. 

Here is an example . . . we are in Colorado, so we clicked on the CO link and the article (thank you) was in plain English.  We found out that for our 5 kiddos some things have changed since we last checked up on the laws.  Meli, our youngest is 13 months old now and normally we would have turned her around to face forward by now. But it is being encouraged to keep them rear-facing for longer now, so we will. And in her case, she has a lot more entertainment facing her brothers and sisters instead of the back of my head.

We also learned that not only is our oldest allowed to ride in a car without a booster, but so is his 8-year-old brother.  As long as he is over 8, he is considered legal to ride without a seat.  We are going to keep him in the seat a bit longer, because of his height, but it is great to know that he can go for short trips (with friends and so forth) without if needed!

So, if you haven’t, visit the site and check on your state laws today.  And I highly recommend bookmarking your state site and checking back regularly as your kids grow. And may you have safe and happy travels in the new year!

Can’t resist . . . blogging!

I am a writer.  I have been a writer since I was a kid (and many of us are).  It is something I love to do and appreciate the time to work on it.  It is in my blood.  But for many years now, it has been on the back burner.  I have had ideas, like my idea for writing a series of novels for young girls based on my grandma and her strong faith.  And my concept of a line of books for sharing parenting experiences my husband and I have gained from over our years so far of being parents of 5 amazing little individual challenges.  But a way to work on ideas like these when I have several of those little ones here at home the whole day is a challenge I have not found much of a solution to yet.  I was writing for a local religious newspaper for several years (after gaining experience with journalizm writing for our campus paper in college), but when we were awaiting the arrival of our 4th baby, I decided it was time to take a break from the heavy (and SHORT) deadlines that would come at the last minute.  Turning around stories within a few days can be stressful when working around little ones who need you, no matter how inspirational the subject matter.

So, here I am, like so many others, turning to the blogging world for my outlet.  I am fighting the urge to resist any longer and plunging in with both hands.  Readers or no. 

I’ve had a blog for years, but have struggled with the format and the question of whether to use it for personal or business purposes, but today I think I have found an answer to that dilemma.  Here I will create separate pages for my various “personalities,” so to speak.  So now, on to my journey.  I have new pages to create.  And as long as little Meli May is napping, I may even get another post up before my time is finished for now!