2011 Resolutions: How’s that going now?

In July this year, I posted some pretty amazing things I wanted to do before ringing in the new year (read that article here).  With just 2 months left in the year, I thought it would be good to revisit this list to see how that is going for me now . . .

So, here’s the list:
*Paint the main level of our house (has NEVER been painted by us though we celebrate 12 years in this house next month)
Although I DID paint the girls room, I haven’t painted the main level.  I keep arguing with myself about the color and the best time to disrupt everything to get that done.  But we HAVE a paint voucher and it wouldn’t be a cost to us at all.  So it would be fabulous to get that done over Thanksgiving Break.  (Plug that into the calendar, Kaycee.)

*Make working out daily a habit,
*Have more lean muscle than I do FAT &
*Carve out regular time for my business so it can grow
I was doing great with this one — as usual — during the summer time.  But as soon as the school year started up, my workout plans unravelled.  So a few weeks ago, I took the example a few of my friends were leading with and I joined a local gym. The beauty of this step is that I’ve tied the business into my workout time at the gym.  The gym has a nursery, so when I finish my workout, before I pick up Baby and Meli May, I sit in the lounge in the locker room and make some business calls.  It has been a good thing and I have had more time to make specific business plans for action.  Right away, getting to workout more has lifted my mood. And the longer I go making regular business calls, the more results I should see there too.

*Make writing every week a habit
I am working on this one.  I worked on my blog for girls (Letters 2 Girls) this week, and I’m posting here . . . so it is coming along.  More than anything, I’ve started reading again.  And I believe any good writer starts by being an avid reader.  

*Make blessing my house something I do on auto-pilot
I have to admit that I am struggling with this one.  I have tried the Fly Lady systems before.  But I’m lacking in discipline.  She has a great concept.  Take ONE thing and do it everyday to make enough of a difference that you start to feel motivated to do more and more.  She highly recommends cleaning in 15 minute spurts.  She also talks a bunch about loving ourselves and about thinking of house work and daily chores as blessing our families through blessing their home.  I love all of this.  But when it comes to regularly following her daily steps to building great habits, I seem to fall short over and over.  I know that I could use work on being disciplined.  And I want to make the changes.  But why do I keep falling short and giving up?  Something to ponder.  I did my best when I had a few cleaning partners.  Several years ago, I had a handful of online Fly Lady friends who were all working together to clean and build great daily habits.  It didn’t take me long to start spending more time visiting and chatting with these moms though.  So it became a huge time-suck.  If I could take what I learned from that time and apply it all, I’d be SET!

*Make reading the bible a morning ritual
Here is another area I’m struggling with.  I see the need for me to wake up earlier to help give myself regular time to do this, but day after day I don’t get up early for this.  The baby is usually in our bed and stirring on and off during the 6 o’clock hour.  So I guess discourages me.  In fact, I blame the baby sleeping in our bed for about 5 hours a night on me being too tired to jump out of bed at 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning.  But if I actually take a closer look, the truth is I’m NOT heading to bed as early as I could.  If I want to start my day just 30 minutes earlier, I could certainly put myself in my bed earlier to help encourage this possibility.  I will take a good hard look at starting there.  I’ll start TONIGHT!  That should make my hubby (Music Man) happy!  He has tried hard to encourage me to get to bed earlier lately.

*Grow and cultivate systems for our personal finances
Oh sigh. Although we did get so far as to borrow an amazing Christian Financial Workshop in a box . . . we have hardly cracked it open.  I wish I knew how to get us to take the time out for it.   Especially since it seems to have great potential for truly transforming our financial habits.  I will start by committing to get it out this weekend and spent at least 1 hour with my Music Man looking to set some of the system into action and get the time to go through the course on our calendar.

Whew!  If you hung around to read through all of this, I truly think you are amazing and kind.  I feel like I am finally taking more time out to not only set goals, but to carry them out.  And a huge part of accomplishing this is revisiting the goals I set to see how things are going.  So thank you for helping me with the one that is my writing goal.  This is hardly the book I have had in my head for most of a decade, but at least I am writing and at least it’s a start!