How to make your own Recipe Book

Do you have recipe clippings and scraps of paper with random recipes saved but in a pile somewhere?  I did.  But one day I had an idea how to store those recipes so I could actually USE them!  Here’s what I did:

Click here for step by step instructions.

If you have ideas like this, feel free to link them below in comments.  It is fun to share home organizing ideas.  Especially simple ideas that work!


🙂 Kaycee


2 thoughts on “How to make your own Recipe Book

  1. Awesome idea Kaycee! I’m working towards that goal too…I’ve been printing out all the recipes that I’ve found for a good while on the internet. I will be at this step someday!

    • Never did respond, although I did read this last year! KT. ❤ Thank you, Sweetie. It truly only took a few minutes to put it together since I had all the supplies around the house. Next, I'd like to make an idea book in this same way with craft ideas, room decoration and organizational ideas!

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