We filled the house

Tonight it struck me. It was one of those times. My children are growing so fast, but it doesn’t always hit me like this. It is many times invisible. Like they grow in the night and I don’t realize it for a while. But then it hits me. I have 5 kids! I know this should not be such a revelation, but honestly, we wake up and life gets rolling day after day, and I seldom think about it, really. They arrived here one by one, every couple of years or so a new game changer would arrive on the scene and we would roll with it and embrace the new dynamics and before we could stop much to even sense it we were changed and it would be like they were always here. So now that all 5 have been around a while (the newbie came before Christmas in 2009) it just hit me, we have filled the house! We are a unit of 7 now. Forever changed and evolved into this little group of people who grow and change and affect each other daily. It is wild to think they didn’t exist on the planet 12 years ago. So about this decade plus of filling this little house, well: Wow! All of the blessings, messes, tears, giggles, blankets & diapers…it has been awesome. And I am indeed forever changed.

Happy Mother’s Day,


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