5 Days to a Healthier Me


I decided to start a 5 day gentle detox to kickstart my new year and help me get going on some weight I’d like to shed before spring. Luckily, I didn’t have to look very far to find safe natural products and a simple program. I found fellow Shaklee Mom, Bonnie’s blog post on a Shaklee program. Perfect!

So what was different here? What I like is that this gentle mini-cleanse isn’t about some harsh clean out. Instead, the idea is to stop adding any yuck to my body for the next 5 days. This gives my body a chance to naturally do it’s job to clean out toxins and yuck that can tend to get built up over time. And I start my weight loss efforts with fewer toxins messing with my metabolism and hormones. I will be able to maximize my efforts as I forge ahead.

This is exciting stuff. And I will let you know how it all goes along the way!

Here’s to a happy, healthier 2015!

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I’d love to hear how you are helping yourself start the year right this year. Feel free to comment below and share what you’re doing.