Letters 2 Girls

Introducting: Letters 2 Girls – The Blog

Jan. 6, 2011 – As a girl, I had some big ideals. I wanted to be a teacher, a mother, a wife (not necessarily in that order). Somewhere along the way, it got tougher to stay focused on my goals and dreams. Somehow being well liked took a front seat, and the values and dreams I had began to slip farther away.  Eventually, I did get back on track.  But the time spent over those years, trying to be what I thought others around me wanted me to be left some wounds and even when they healed the scar tissue continued to create issues I would some days much rather do without. I guess that’s why I worry so much about girls today. There must be a way to help a girl get from the idealistic and hopeful days of youth to the realistic time of adulthood with all of our values and dreams yet intact.  Here at Letters 2 Girls, I will share my thoughts about life and how to keep what’s most important on top and in focus while we all grow to be the people God created us to be.


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