Are your kids in the right car seat?

Having 5 children over the last 10 years, we have at times been unsure about the most current car seat restraint laws for our kiddos.  So every so often I like to look up the laws again and make sure we are abiding. 

Here is the website I used most recently to find the appropriate laws for our state:

With this website, you can go to the specific laws for your state. 

Here is an example . . . we are in Colorado, so we clicked on the CO link and the article (thank you) was in plain English.  We found out that for our 5 kiddos some things have changed since we last checked up on the laws.  Meli, our youngest is 13 months old now and normally we would have turned her around to face forward by now. But it is being encouraged to keep them rear-facing for longer now, so we will. And in her case, she has a lot more entertainment facing her brothers and sisters instead of the back of my head.

We also learned that not only is our oldest allowed to ride in a car without a booster, but so is his 8-year-old brother.  As long as he is over 8, he is considered legal to ride without a seat.  We are going to keep him in the seat a bit longer, because of his height, but it is great to know that he can go for short trips (with friends and so forth) without if needed!

So, if you haven’t, visit the site and check on your state laws today.  And I highly recommend bookmarking your state site and checking back regularly as your kids grow. And may you have safe and happy travels in the new year!