Can’t resist . . . blogging!

I am a writer.  I have been a writer since I was a kid (and many of us are).  It is something I love to do and appreciate the time to work on it.  It is in my blood.  But for many years now, it has been on the back burner.  I have had ideas, like my idea for writing a series of novels for young girls based on my grandma and her strong faith.  And my concept of a line of books for sharing parenting experiences my husband and I have gained from over our years so far of being parents of 5 amazing little individual challenges.  But a way to work on ideas like these when I have several of those little ones here at home the whole day is a challenge I have not found much of a solution to yet.  I was writing for a local religious newspaper for several years (after gaining experience with journalizm writing for our campus paper in college), but when we were awaiting the arrival of our 4th baby, I decided it was time to take a break from the heavy (and SHORT) deadlines that would come at the last minute.  Turning around stories within a few days can be stressful when working around little ones who need you, no matter how inspirational the subject matter.

So, here I am, like so many others, turning to the blogging world for my outlet.  I am fighting the urge to resist any longer and plunging in with both hands.  Readers or no. 

I’ve had a blog for years, but have struggled with the format and the question of whether to use it for personal or business purposes, but today I think I have found an answer to that dilemma.  Here I will create separate pages for my various “personalities,” so to speak.  So now, on to my journey.  I have new pages to create.  And as long as little Meli May is napping, I may even get another post up before my time is finished for now!