Writing Again

It has been years since I really worked at writing.  After years being blessed with freelance work for our local Catholic newspaper, I had to step away when our 4th child was on her way.  Now, with her youngest sibling nearing her 3rd birthday, writing seems to be coming back into focus.  Although I truly was in love with my writing assignments for our local paper in the past, I have felt a tug to write something of my own.  But the “right” subject or topic never seemed to be presenting itself.  So I would dutifully jot down the writing ideas that came to me without any inspiring projects jumping to the foreground.  I would come back to the same logic every time:  until something is nagging at me to write about it, I should (like every great writer) just keep reading.  Perhaps that was my largest writing hurdle over the last 9 years.  Finding time to read (and stay awake) was challenging in my sleep deprived mommy years.  So this last year of getting back to reading has been the greatest gift I could give to my own writing.  In reading, I uncovered a passion for the story of human life.  The journey humans take to is absolutely fascinating to me.  Each one being just as compelling, tragic, inspiring as the last, I find I devour memoirs and biographies from all directions of life.  So it hit me one day, that the greatest story (right now) that I have to tell, is my own.  I use the stories of my life all the time, with friends, other moms, my children, as examples of things I’ve figured out or struggled with on my journey.  So, recently I began my new project.  One that has already been developed, and has only to be documented and streamlined.  Whether anyone else will ever read it, is not something I will concern myself with now.  At least I have begun!  And it feels like the right writing project for me.  Finally.